Geography Lab
at Concord University
About the EGL at Concord University
The Environmental Geography Lab (EGL) was established in 2011 by Tom Saladyga, Associate Professor of Geography, for the purpose of providing focused and enriching research experiences for undergraduates. 
The EGL primarily uses dendrochronology (tree-ring science) to examine trends in forest ecosystem dynamics, climate variability, and land use, while giving particular attention to forest management and conservation applications.  It also provides undergraduate learning and research opportunities in the general fields of biogeography, climatology, soils, and Geographic Information Science (GISc). 
These fields of study encourage students to not only explore and analyze the dynamic nature of Earth's physical and biological systems, but also the reciprocal relationships between humans and these systems - this is "environmental geography."  
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Tom Saladyga, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Geography